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An odyssey in South East Asia is usually the stuff of legend, nurtured by thousands of National Geographics. When the overt commercialism is recklessly taking over the place, travelers need proper guidance to scratch through the surface and fulfill their enchanted visions. Insider enough to have a deep understanding of the way things go, but outsider enough to marvel at the exotic of the land. We explain everything from the viewpoint of enthusiasts to offer travelers a sensory overload of Southeast Asia’s culture and landscapes. For others, Southeast Asia is a journey, but for us, it is home.

Meet Our Passionate Team Of Local Travel Experts

We continue to be inspired by what we call The Spirit of Conical Travel: spread the vivid tastes, colours and rich culture of this vibrant and stunningly beautiful parts of the world. We can provide visitors with such unique and authentic travel experiences and it is our aim to make sure that we do all we can to deliver the best of this Spirit of Conical Travel to all of our clients.

Jack Vu

Vietnam Travel Specialist

A former native Vietnamese tour guide, adventurer, and nature lover, Jack Vu is the very guy anyone contacts if they want some off-the-beaten-track experience in Southeast Asia. His understanding of the local culture makes him the fitting person to design a tour, weave the stories together, and present them to his travelers. While his thirst for exploration, the kind of desire that Indiana Jones possesses, will inspire them to venture to the most hidden parts of the region. Plus, Jack’s vision for sustainable development by responsible traveling has convinced others to work with him toward a future where the negative impact of tourism is successfully cushioned.

David Nguyen

Mananger & CEO

With 20 year experience in travels & tourism, David along with some of his dedicated team founded Conical Travel. During his twenty-year career, he has visited every corner of South East Asia and traveled to many other parts of the world besides. It’s his passion for travel that underpins his desire to create unique and memorable experiences for visitors to South East Asia. He grew up in Vietnam and is inspired by the colors, tastes and cultural heritage of the countries that make up this vibrant region. As new opportunities for travel continue to emerge, David loves to develop and deliver unforgettable visits for clients with a particular focus on connecting with local culture and preserving natural resources.

Sage Lee

Laos Travel Specialist

Sage is a person of experience. She hikes a lot, she sweats plenty, and she keeps her travelers safe while doing so. Keeping up with her and travelers are in for some incredible stories. With that spirit in mind, the tours she designs mostly focus on the hidden sides of Laos, covering not only the temples but also the magnificent biodiversity that she knows so much about.

Steven Nguyen

Cambodia Travel Specialist

When most people meet Steven for the first time, they feel a strong sense of an upcoming adventure from him. As a manager of a diverse country like Cambodia, he has formed a cast-iron connection with the locals, has a vast collection of stories from his extensive trips to the deepest Cambodian jungles, and a sense of humor that can release all of travelers’ stress and tension.

Sean Tran

Myanmar Travel Specialist

As Myanmar can give travelers a real case of Stendhal Syndrome, Sean is here to act as a beacon leading them back to the real world. Having enough imagination to fully immerse in the Burmese massive legacy but being down to earth just enough to create logical itineraries that take travelers to all the best highlights of the country, Sean’s contagious passion is exactly what anyone needs in a trip to Myanmar.

Windy Nguyen

Tour Operator

A graduate from Hanoi Open University, faculty of Tourism, Windy chose Tourism as a career for life. She loves traveling, exploring the region, experiencing local culture and sharing travel stories with others. Since 2013, she’s been tasting food, taking photos and talking with people in 10 countries across the region. To Windy, life is short so keep learning and exploring the world. She is a foodie and an adventure seeker.