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Xin Chao!

Warmest greeting from Conical Travel! We are the leading local Tour Operator and trusted Destination Management Brand in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. We have ventured way off the beaten track, into the deepest jungles, to the most hidden hamlets, has taken several wrong turns, sometimes ended up finding spectacular scenery or getting in a lot of sticky situations. After experiencing a large portion of the best and the worst of traveling, we have made lasting friendships, found stories to reminisce over for years, and gained a wealth of knowledge about how to best travel Southeast Asia.

Our experience in the tourism industry coupled with what we gather after years of deep traveling makes us the ideal candidate to show others the best spots for indigenous food or leading them on an excursion to the undulating mountain ranges of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Born and raised here, we have seen a fair share of the local’s struggles. That is why we have their best interests at heart and promote sustainable tourism to help preserve our cultural identity as well as our countries’ natural resources. Conical’s travelers are ensured of the adventure their hearts desire as well as the assurance that they are giving back to the communities they are traveling to.


???? Why Us?

Local Travel Experts

An odyssey in South East Asia is usually the stuff of legend, nurtured by thousands of National Geographics. When the overt commercialism is recklessly taking over the place, travelers need proper guidance to scratch through the surface and fulfill their enchanted visions.

Insider enough to have a deep understanding of the way things go, but outsider enough to marvel at the exotic of the land. We explain everything from the viewpoint of enthusiasts to offer travelers a sensory overload of Southeast Asia’s culture and landscapes.

For others, Southeast Asia is a journey, but for us, it is home.


Local Inspiration

Southeast Asia has the power to change its travelers on a cellular level. Each nation in this region is like a vibrant tapestry of a life so distinctive from most travelers’ usual stressful existence. However, this kind of enlightening experience is not available to everyone.

This is why our team has been working and putting our heart and soul into every single journey we design with one ultimate goal, to provide our travelers with that exact standpoint so that the stream of experience washes over them and changes their attitude forever.


Effective Training

We know that travelers do not want a tour that each day spent with their guide feels like a commercial transaction, but a herald of an adventure, and possibly, a lasting friendship.

Our guides are picked and trained in a way that each of them is capable of taking travelers beyond the obvious and bring the land to life in front of them with their cast-iron bond with the destinations, their wit, and their passion.


Unique Travel Style And Destinations

To offer journeys to Southeast Asia is to take travelers to some of the most spectacular and atmospheric lands in the world, which means we have to go out of our ways to ensure that the backbones of our tours are equally exotic.

We realize that the only way to stand out is to provide a more personal take on the regions we know and love so much, which shows in Conical’s each and every tour.


Sustainable Tourism

Conical Travel is built to last, which means we seek to live in harmony with Mother Nature and the local dwellers of the land we operate on. For us, sustainable tourism is not just an empty PR exercise but a duty we owe our home, our fellow countrymen and our travelers.

We have established a close-knit relationship with the local citizens and government to put their best interests at the heart of our business. Conical’s operation is driven by a mission to make the destinations a better place for its dwellers.


???? Our Expertise

For us, sustainable tourism is not just a buzzword for marketing but our greatest vision and underlying operating principle. We believe that most successful tours can all distil down to up-to-date information, good planning, and an insight into the needs of travelers. That is why we take pride in our ability to offer trips for all preferences.

Tour Operator And Destination Management

The people behind each and every Conical’s tour are all former guides or the local dwellers of the regions we operate in. Our staff are well connected and experienced with the best local access. With the deep, grass-root connections we have formed over the years working in the tourism industry, Conical can make things happen all over Southeast Asia.


Experience & Discovery Travel

Conical Travel knows that our travelers do not want to just observe Southeast Asia. They want hands-on local and regional experience with its people and its landscapes. We are here to help our travelers explore to their heart’s content with the freedom to roam to the most hidden corners of the land with us behind controlling every aspect of our fine-tuned operations.



With a staff comprised of most well-traveled adventurers, Conical has enough fresh ideas to make the company’s outing a benefit instead of a tiresome chore for both planners and attendees. We work with only the most professional partners to deliver a world-class experience that leave the company’s employees awe-struck and yearning for more.


Adventure Travel

Uplifting hikes meet epic motorbiking trips are what we do every day in Conical. Our range of adventures is as varied as Southeast Asia’s landscapes, taking travelers to all of the region’s best-hidden treasures. If sightseeing in Southeast Asia sounds like watching a movie, embarking on Conical’s tours is like being in one.


Golf & Luxury Travel

While Conical has an emphasis on adventure travel, our experience in planning, connections, and guides enables us to do high-end itineraries too. We have done enough research and legwork to ensure that all of the accommodations, guides, food, and service are of unparalleled quality.

Southeast Asia has an edge in its great outdoors as well as a tourism scene developed enough to provide travelers with the utmost comfort. And Conical is seeking to combine these two advantages so that our travelers can get access to the best of both worlds.


Product Development

With the network of local guides all over Southeast Asia, Conical has the best access to information and places that otherwise unavailable. With genuine care for the interests of each traveler, we are always willing to go out of our way to make sure that all of our tours are well staffed and run smoothly.


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